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About Us

For many of us, a simple drawer in the bathroom or dresser is not enough storage space for our makeup. Counters can become cluttered and unorganized very quickly, and stylish makeup organizers can be very expensive. That is why I decided to start this website, so that women all around the world could buy the most fabulous makeup organizers at an affordable price. 

Many of you have seen the famous acrylic see-through cube shaped make up organizers that went viral when they were shown on the hit show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" being used by Kim and Courtney for all their makeup needs. One evening I was watching the show and fell in love with their makeup organizer. I (and the rest of America) saw Kourtney standing in her Bathroom with the holy grail of makeup organizers! I thought Wow! I want an acrylic makeup organizer like that, or at least one that is very close to it. 

Well, to make a long story short, I searched and searched online until I finally found out that the organizer I fell in love with costs $400, and many other similar versions of this acrylic, see-through, makeup organizers start no lower than $250. I couldn't believe these prices! I immediately saw a great opportunity. I decided to partner with a friend who is a local manufacturer and I was able turn my idea into a business, selling affordable high quality acrylic makeup organizers. 

All of our makeup organizers are made out of the highest quality heavy duty clear acrylic/lucite materials and are sent right from our factory in Tampa, Florida. We offer a Lifetime Warranty and 100% money back guarantee that you will LOVE your organizer.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team at sales@acrylicmakeup.com, we pride ourselves on answering all questions within 24 hours.


Thank you!

Jessica and The Acrylic Makeup Team