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New Luxe Console Acrylic Table - An American made product we are proud of

We are proud to introduce our newest product, The Luxe Console Acrylic Table.

Luxe Console Acrylic Table

This represents a new direction for us as we branch out to expand our product offerings to other makeup and beauty accessories. It exemplifies our goals; Simple, luxurious, and top-quality. Our challenge is to develop products which fulfill the entire makeup organization Vanity experience with new products being developed and to be released soon.

With its' clear design it is the perfect compliment to our full line of acrylic makeup organizer products. It also works well as a standalone piece, and fits in with any high-end decor. The edges of the top of the console are chamfered to refract more light which gives the table a sharp, clean look. The legs are also chamfered at 45 degrees on both sides. 

Chamfered Edges

We construct the table out of 1-inch thick USA made cast acrylic. These are made exclusively by us, in our factory, no outsourced labor here.

To create the table we extensively researched new fabrication techniques and refined our abilities in order to produce what we feel is a truly spectacular design. Each table is individually inspected and hand polished to ensure the highest level of quality. 

Custom sizes are available by request, email us at for more info.

If you want the ultimate in high end luxury, you've found it.



42" long x 16" Deep x 32" Tall 

Michael Piekarski
Michael Piekarski


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